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(Performance Contract)

These are General Sales and Purchase Conditions for services of the company 3Decor design s.r.o. (hereinafter only the "Company 3Decor design") you consent to by ordering Work in this e-shop.
These General Sales and Purchase Conditions are binding and therefore we recommend their detail reading. Please, focus your attention namely to the provisions on prices, goods delivery and liability for defect.
Should you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at the address provided in the Contact section.
Please be aware that the General Sales and Purchase Conditions can be changed and amended. By the General Sales and Purchase Conditions accepting and purchase order sending you provide as with a draft performance contract for delivery of goods with the company 3Decord design.
Contracts can be concluded only by persons alder than 18 years.

Purchase Order

By the purchase order sending you express your consent with:
- the General Sales and Purchase Conditions of this e-shop,
- the price, for which the goods is offered,
- payment of the price in advance, to the account of the company 3Decor design
- our collection and processing of your following personal data for the purposes of the purchase order processing: name, address, phone number and e-mail address. The provided personal data will be used exclusively in the framework of purchase order processing.
- the fact that he contract will be concluded per the laws of the Czech Republic.

How do I know that my purchase order is accepted?

Upon your purchase order receipt we will send you confirmation via e-mail. The contract shall be concluded as of the moment you receive confirmation of this purchase order, which shall be processed based on receipt of your payment to the company´s Paypal account. The ordered goods will be shipped to you as soon as possible upon its manufacture, i.e. within one to two weeks from receipt of the payment of the price to the company´s account. However, if you order goods of special colors or dimension, the delivery period can be extended to three weeks. The products with special colors always have a comment on the delivery period. If standard and special goods are being delivered to one purchase order, all goods will be delivered simultaneously in the period for the special goods delivery. Kindly contact us if you do not receive confirmation of your purchase order receipt. We assure you that we are interested in your purchase order processing as soon as possible and without any delays; however, we cannot assume responsibility for mistakes during electronic data transmission.

What is the price of the goods?

The price of the ordered goods is stated on the website (excluding custom sized wallpapers), fees and costs of the delivery will be provided by us prior to your Paypal payment. We calculate all fees individually to make them as low as possible.

How will I pay?

After calculation of all fees and final prices, you will get a email notice with the payment summary and link to our website with Paypal payment option.

How shall I proceed at goods delivery?

The customer is obliged to inspect the consignment at its take over and should there be any visible damages on the surface of the consignment packing, possibly visible and recognizable loss of a part of the consignment, the customer is obliged to claim such a damage or loss directly at the TNT staff immediately upon delivery.

A written report on the status of the claim consignment is made at the claim receipt) a copy of this report shall be provided to the claimant upon request). The claim of such damaged goods is a subject to the TNT´s standard claim process.


The warranty period for goods purchased in this e-shop is two (2) years.


Liability of the company 3Decor design for damages cannot exceed the total (charged) price for the defective or late delivered goods.

Withdrawal from the contract

Withdrawal from the contract is possible only from reasons provided in the law (the Commercial Code, the Civil Code...) The company 3Decord design expressly informs its customers on the impossibility of withdrawal from the Contract per the provisions of the Art. 53 par. 7 of the Civil Code, if the subject of performance is provision of services and if provision of services has been commenced with the customer’s consent before expiry of 14 days from the performance take over and further in the event of delivery of goods adjusted per the customer’s request or for the customer (see the Art. 53 par. 8 of the Civil Code).


The company 3Decor design used all its available technical means to display the colors of the goods in the most realistic manner. The color depth and contrast are not always the same as what can be seen on the PC screen and depends on the type of the used media. For motif on glass and on aluminum sheet the white color appears differently in all samples. The white color is not being printed, therefore the resulting motif differs. For glass the white color is see through and for aluminum sheets the white color is replaced by aluminum base. The company 3Decord design shall not be liable for any possible differences between display of the color on the e-shop pages and the real color of the goods.

Applicable law and Arbitration clause

Legal relationships established by this contract in this e-ship are governed by the Czech law and all property disputes resulting from this Contract or in relation thereof shall be designed in the Arbitration proceeding in compliance with the Act No. 216/1994 Coll., by a single arbiter appointed by the Arbitration Court of the Czech Republic, o.s., with registered office in Prague with exclusion of the general courts. The arbiter shall be appointed and the arbitration proceeding let per the Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Court of the Czech Republic, o.s. which is available at www.rozhodcidolozka.cz.


If not provided otherwise, all materials (text and graphic) located on the www.3Decor.cz are the property of the 3Decor design, s.r.o., Their links, publishing in whole or in part, or any changed format, in another place than at www.3Decor.cz is prohibited without a written consent. Certain components may contain hidden protective marks, which shall be used in civil and criminal proceedings against unauthorized persons. If you wan to place certain wallpapers at your pages, ask by an e-mail for conditions, under which it is possible.

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