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Company profile

Do you like an original interior? Do you require quality? Do you want to make sure that the products and cooperation with 3Decor is an exclusive and original solution for your interior? We are ready to edit the design shapes, colours and sizes to precisely fit your needs including photorealistic 3D visualization.

Why 3Decor design ?

We are a young and dynamic team with a long-term practice with 3D designs, designs and visualizations, which offers not only exclusive products but also willingness to participate in your ideas, dreams or projects. Our products are original and namely a unique option how to differentiate your space from the others, whether it is your apartment, office, club or a coffee shop.

What do we offer:

  • Production, sale and installation of wallpapers
  • Production and sale of large-format pictures on various materials
  • 3D visualization of interiors
  • interior design
  • Design of wallpapers or paintings on demand with possibility to include any logotype, 3D object or product in the design.


  • wallpaper
  • canvas
  • PVC board
  • aluminium plate
  • glass plate



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